Saturday, December 12, 2009

food glorious food

Yesterday was my 20th anniversary of moving to this country: 20 years of living every day under the same roof as Kelley.

We spent the entire day eating more than was strictly necessary: a fabulous 3-hour lunch (leek and potato soup with creme fraiche and huckleberry coulis; duck breast with dollops of pureed pickled carrot, faro and other delicious things, some kind of chocolate and tangerine cakeness with a sorbet, and pear and, again, other yumminess), with, naturally, cocktails and a great wine (a 1998 Saint-Est├Ęphe; don't remember the label--but it was a tarry, wild, autumnal kind of wine, very different to the structured hauteur of the Pauillacs we like that are grown a few miles away). Espresso, of course. And hours of conversation.

Yesterday also marked (eh, more or less) the 3-month anniversary of the launch of Sterling Editing. Sterling is doing well, we're helping a lot of people, so we drank a toast, and marvelled at how fast we've established our business routines, how strange--yet how familiar--it is to work with one another this way, how we're getting to use our very different strengths to the fullest in service of a mutual goal.

Basically, we spent the whole day feeling very pleased with ourselves. Life is good.

This morning at breakfast I ate my luxury version of porridge: steelcut oats cooked slowly, oh so slowly, in water, with a smidge of salt added in the bowl, chopped walnuts, and a handful of dried fruit (today all we had were raisins, but anything--apricots, prunes, apples--will work), finished with a big dollop of very fresh, very high-fat cream. Yum.

Now I have to make notes for a board meeting (oh, things are getting exciting at LLF; more on that another time) and then, with luck, I'll get some time to play with Hild this afternoon. Or maybe I'll, y'know, take a nap...

May your Saturday be a fine day.

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