Monday, November 2, 2009

Roomba girl, Raul Castro, Angela Merkel...and me

Newsmakers: The People Behind Today's Headlines, is just published by Gale.

"Newsmakers – published quarterly in softcover – provides timely and informative profiles of the world's most interesting people. A hardbound annual cumulation makes Newsmakers a permanent reference source on 200 newsmakers of the year. Four indexes help readers locate entries by name, nationality, occupation and subject. Separate obituaries provide concise profiles of recently deceased newsmakers."

I'm quoting in full from their website because, well, I'm fascinated by all this. Click this table of contents and you'll see what I'm talking about:

The world's most important people include: the Chancellor of Germany, the President of Cuba, Maeve Binchy, Rachel Maddow, the Governor of Washington State, the co-inventor of Roomba, the Chair of the National Republican Committee...and me.

Life is very, very strange.

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