Saturday, November 21, 2009

by the Salish Sea

from Wikimedia Commons

It's official. Kelley and I now live by the Salish Sea. We still live by Puget Sound, of course--it's just now acknowledged to be part of an ecologically coherent system that ignores the Canadian border. So, hey, all you British Columbia folks: we live by the same sea. I like that. I like thinking of us sharing our wee ecosystem. I won't throw rubbish in it if you don't; I won't wash the car at home if you don't; I won't spray the roses with anything evil if you don't. (Actually, last year we finally found an organic oil spray that kills the black blight stuff that destroys our roses, so this was the best rose summer ever at our house, and No Salmon Were Harmed during their production.)

Speaking of salmon, they're back at Carkeek Park's Pipers Creek. I haven't had time to go look recently but will most definitely make time to go next week. I'm feeling a bit cabin-feverish: it's been all work work work this month. But Thanksgiving Week will be a time to play.

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