Monday, June 22, 2009


Last year, FoAN Karina Meléndez made Sun on Dragonfly, a video response to my story, "Touching Fire." It blew me away. I'd never seen anything like it (well, except this). It occurred to me yesterday that recent AN readers might not have seen it. This week is Busy Week for me, so it seemed like an ideal opportunity to reshow the vid. Enjoy. (Depending on your work rules, it may or may not be Safe For Work. I think it is--but, eh, I'm not always the best judge.)

Here is the original audio the vid is based on:

(direct link)

If you prefer the written word you can download the "Touching Fire" .pdf for free here. Of course, you can also buy With Her Body, my short collection ("Touching Fire," "Yaguara," and "Song of Bullfrogs, Cry of Geese").

If you like the vid, go over to YouTube and drop a comment for Karina.
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