Sunday, May 31, 2009

sun then, sun now

I find I don't have much to say today, so instead here are three photos. One was taken at the end of March by my sister, who was visiting from England, the other two about six weeks ago by our neighbour, Vicki, who is planning to make a blockprint portrait of us and took several study photos.

Saltoro, March 2009

Saltoro is our neighbourhood joint. They make good cocktails, they have incredibly well-priced good-with-food wines (lots of French and Italian as well as the usual Washington and Californian stuff) and there are always a couple of choices of fish, chicken, steak, vegetarian, pasta, salad. So whatever you are hankering for that day, you can find it here. And they don't mind if you linger for hours and hours over the wine.

Kelley drinking wine, April 2009

me looking at Kelley, because I always look at Kelley

We were both incredibly tired this day, though I can't remember why. But we were happy to drink wine with Vicki and attempt to look non-destroyed for the camera. I think K did a better job than me. But she did train as an actor...

And, oh, what the hell, here's a photo of me from the end of summer last year when Kelley and I decided to have a picnic in the garden, with champagne and caviar and generally enjoy the last of the year's sun. Now we have a whole summer of it to look forward to, so I'm happy. Yay!

happy in the back garden, September 2008

Later this week, K and I plan to experiment with adult milkshakes in the sun: ice cream, rum, roasted pineapple... Yum. If it works, I'll share the recipe. Meanwhile, enjoy the day.

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