Wednesday, May 20, 2009

graphite and gold

Last night we had a couple of beers, a great conversation, and then a wonderful dinner (roast chicken, every roasted root vegetable currently available, plus steamed cabbage lightly tossed in butter and pepper). Outside, the light was eerie, a combination of the golden hour and a gathering storm. The air looked slippery and electric, like gold rubbed over graphite. Against the intense greens--pale emerald alder, glass green grass, dark fir--the lilac and hot red hydrangea popped liked something from a sixties psychedelic poster. Every leaf and petal was distinct and perfect. We admired it for a while over dinner. As we made tea, thunder rumbled and lightning lickered.

We shook our heads at the strangeness of Seattle weather, and as the rain began we settled down to watch the season finale of 24.

The doorbell rang. It was our neighbour, Elbereth, standing under an umbrella and pointing at the most astonishing double gold and graphite rainbow. She just wanted us to see it.

It's difficult to capture that kind of light, so these pictures don't really do it justice, but here it is (courtesy of Kelley this time).

I love living in a place where the sky does this and our neighbours point it out. Life is good.

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