Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one year old today

This blog is exactly one year old today. Happy Birthday us!

To celebrate, I think it's time to start porting over some of the old Ask Nicola questions. I have thousands and thousands of them, reaching back to 1997. I'll proceed according to whim--whichever ones I feel like, as and when I feel like it, but I'll try to keep you updated every so often. It'll be unmethodical because the old entries are so eccentrically arranged and coded. (It was the mid-90s, it was all new: if black type was good, green was better, and, hey, flashing orange didn't suck. Though I think some of those really, really early ones never made it into the archive. My first website went up so long ago I can't remember the year. 1994/5? Dave, if you're reading this, please correct me.)

The reason this blog is called Ask Nicola is that's what the old 'interactive' Q&A segment on my website was called (back when HTML was bleeding edge). Lately, though, few of you have been asking direct questions (which you can do by sending email to asknicola2 at nicolagriffith dot com). While the stats indicate that you like what I'm talking about well enough (you visit regularly from 106 countries) I've decided that it might be nice to fine tune things a little. At least for the month of April.

So, here's your opportunity to ask for what you want, right here in the comments, anonymously or not. Is there any general topic you're burning to get my take on? I'll talk about anything--art, politics, science, popular culture, human relationships--mostly. Any specific question you're itching to ask? Any vague pointers? If so, fire away.

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