Wednesday, March 4, 2009

les libraires dangereux

There's a fab review of Kelley's Dangerous Space up at The Word Hoarder. Go read it, bask in the reflected glory of the Most Gorgeous Eskridge. Once you've recovered your senses, read it again, see what you notice about gender.

The reviewer, Rich Rennicks, works as a bookseller at Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina. I've never actually been there--never actually visited Asheville, even though half of Stay is set just outside the town. But Kelley and I wouldn't survive without the enthusiasm of booksellers. We owe our living to them. So if there's a cosy independent near you, pop in, buy a book (buy a new book) or a card or a cup of coffee or some stationery or whatever else they sell and stop and chat with one of the booksellers. Tell them what you do and don't like to read. I bet you a beer that s/he will be able to recommend something you'd never thought of, a book that will take you on a strange and possibly dangerous journey.

Oh, and before you gallop off to obey, take a look at the photo on the Word Hoarder blog and see how many of those books you recognise--and how many you've read. I've read at least four (if I could read the spines more clearly, it would probably be more). Let's just say I think Rich has excellent taste :)

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