Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ammonite's sweet sixteen

Ammonite was published in the US in February 1993 and in the UK a month later. So today is (more or less) Ammonite's birthday. It's sweet sixteen.

To celebrate, a Friend of AN has offered to buy three brand new copies of the trade paperback (cover, above), the one with the map and glossary etc. She have send a copy to the first three people who ask for one in these comments. (We'll do private email/address exchange later, off the blog.) You can ask for yourself or for a friend. We just want to send Ammonite out into the world to make new friends.

This was my first novel. It means a lot to me. If anyone is so inclined I'd like to hear what it means to you. Or what music you think goes well with it. Or what food. Or what other books (or parks, or holidays, or wine, or parties) remind you of Ammonite, or complement it in some way.

For those who haven't read it, you can take a look at the beginning for free here on ShortCovers, or here on my website. Or you can listen to a couple of readings.

The first one is about eleven and a half minutes in which Marghe learns the true history of the original inhabitants of Jeep, the goth.

(direct link)

This one is nearly seven minutes of the scene where Marghe is in Ollfoss striking the gong, trying to make some decisions. If you haven't read the book, it will make no sense at all (she said, heartlessly).

(direct link)


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