Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween with Hild at Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle

When all the ghouls and ghosties are cruising the streets, at 7 pm Friday 31st October, come and join me at the Elliott Bay Book Company for an evening of Hild. I'll be telling you all about the girl and then woman who, 1400 years ago, crammed more spine-tingling experience into her life than we can imagine. Er, except I did, so, hey, forget I said that.

She led an action-packed life: sex, death, grief, joy, terror, exaltation and occasionally exasperation, all before breakfast. Sometimes literally. (Cough.)

And if you're very, very good (or give me enough beer, or amuse me sufficiently, or all three) I might read the tiniest bit of the beginning of Hild II. But might and tiny are the operative words because, well, spoilers...

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