Saturday, August 9, 2014

A list of bookshops in the UK

I've pointed readers before to this international list of independent bookstores. Now I've finally got around to a UK-specific list.

These are booksellers in the UK, including mini-chains, where you should either be able to find Hild or they'll order it for you. (I'm assuming you all know where your local Waterstones is: they'll order the book, too.) The organisation is a little eccentric (especially the London section). I decided not to break things up by country or county, just alphabetically by city. Theh links are eccentric, too: some bookshops seem to have been taken over by a mini-chain but not changed their URL—assuming they'd bothered with a website in the first place (I've had to resort to Twitter and Facebook links here and there).

There are some lovely-looking bookshops here. No doubt I could add more. This list is far from complete: a mix of info from friends, readers, and my publisher. I'm relying on you to help me fill in gaps. What's your favourite bookshop in the UK?

* Aberdeen: Blackwell's

* Abbingdon: Mostly Books

* Aldeburgh: Aldeburgh Bookshop Ltd.

* Banchory: Yeadons

* Bath: Topping and Co Booksellers Ltd

* Brighton and Hove: City Books

* Bristol: Blackwell's
* Bristol: Foyles

* Cambridge: Heffers Academic and General

* Carlisle: Bookends

* Chepstow: Chepstow Bookshop

* Chipping Norton: Jaffe and Neal Ltd

* Colchester: Red Lion Books Ltd
* Cochester: Wivanhoe Bookshop

* Edinburgh: Blackwell's
* Edinburgh: Word Power

* East Grinstead: The Bookshop

* Elgin: Yeadons

* Exeter: Blackwell's

* Haverfordwest: Victoria Bookshop Limited

* Hebden Bridge: The Bookcase

* Hexham: Cogito

* Ilkley: The Grove Bookshop

* Keswick: Bookends

* Leeds: Blackwell's
* Leeds: Radish

* Liverpool: News From Nowhere

* London: Blackwell's (x2)
* London: Forbidden Planet 
* London: Gay's the Word
* London: Foyles Ltd (x many)
* London: Daunt Books (x several)
* London: The British Library Bookshop 
* London: Barnes Bookshop
* London: Village Books

* Lowdham: The Bookcase

* Ludlow: Castle Bookshop

* Lytham-St-Anne's: Plackitt and Booth Booksellers

* Manchester: EJ Morton

* Monmouth: Rossiter Books

* Newcastle: Blackwell's

* Norwich: The Book Hive
* Norwich: Jarrold and Sons Limited

* Nottingham: Five Leaves

* Oxford: Blackwell's

* Penarth: Windsor Bookshop

* Penzance: Edge of the World Bookshop

* Petersfield: One Tree Books

* Petworth: The Petworth Bookshop Ltd

* Plymouth: University Bookseller

* Richmond: Kew Books Ltd

* Ross-on-Wye: Rossiter Books

* Saltaire: Salt's Mill

* Sheffield: Rhyme and Reason
* Sheffield: Blackwell's

* Sherborne: Winstone Books

* Spalding: Bookmark

* St Peter's Port: The Lexicon Ltd

* St Ives: The St Ives Bookseller

* Stockport: Simply Books

* Tetbury: The Yellow Lighted Bookshop

* Totnes: Totnes Bookshop

* Whitby: Whitby Bookshop

* Woodford Green: Village Bookshop



  1. :( no Sheffield... maybe a day out to Leeds is in order.

    1. Perhaps there is a bookshop in Sheffield but I didn't see one.

    2. Wouldn't surprise me if we don't lol

    3. I've just added two: Rhyme and Reason and Blackwell's.

  2. Mostly Books in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

  3. Norwich: I ordered my copy of Hild from

  4. The Wivenhoe Bookshop nr Colchester

  5. The Bookcase in Lowdham:

  6. BTW also see Guardian directory:

    1. I've looked at it but it would take way too long to use, mainly because many of them are rare books and/or second-hand books which, frankly, don't suit my purpose. I want a list of places t hat sell new novels where readers could reasonably expect to either find Hild or order it.

  7. One more, Five Leaves in Nottingham:

  8. There's Simply Books in Bramhall, Stockport:

  9. Milngavie Bookshop, on the edge of Glasgow.

  10. Milngavie Bookshop, on the edge of Glasgow.

  11. Well, I'd ask at Morten's (6 Warburton Street, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6WA), which I've been using for nearly fifty years, but I don't think they've got a website yet.

  12. I was in a local Independent bookshop (Readings in Carlton) here in Melbourne Australia today and saw "Hild" prominently displayed with a Staff Recommendation sticker. Link to review is here