Thursday, July 24, 2014

HILD is out today in the UK!

From Blackfriars/Little, Brown — 24th June

Hild is out today. You can buy it in hardback or ebook in the UK:

and paperback or ebook in the rest of the English-speaking Commonwealth:

If you still haven't got your US copy then, hey, you could wait for the paperback, due October 28, or see this long and luscious list of where to buy Hild, which includes many fabulous independent bookshops.


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  1. I am writing fiction, a new genre for a song writer and poet, a novel about my mother's life, my family's, my peoples' lives in The Netherlands before, during,and after WW II. My fundamental intention is to have something to pass on to my daughters and to their children, that they might know who they are, where they come from. Of course I want it published. But I my dream is for it to be published in The Netherlands, in Dutch. I want to honor my inheritance, my family in Holland, and the Dutch people with my work. It is in this spirit that I congratulate you on the day of the release of Hild in the UK, your home land. May your people enjoy and appreciate your story -- and you.

    All the best,

    Rosalie O'Leary