Monday, March 10, 2014

Good lesbian science fiction novels, again

From: Andrew

Hi, I recently stumbled onto your blog looking for a good sci-fi or fantasy book with a lesbian protagonist. I've enjoyed books like the Hunger Games, Lorien Legacies, Harry Potter, and Star Wars books, starting Divergent and A Game of Thrones. However I want something a little different with the main character or supporting character. I don't want a book that focuses on the characters sexual orientation, but just happens to be a lesbian. I want some romance, but don't want it to feel like it is the main purpose of the book. So I was wondering if you could help me picking one out. Thank you.
I don't normally think of myself as a handy recommendation app, but, hey, today I'm feeling mellow. (A tip for approaching writers in the future: at least make an effort to say something nice about the writer's work before launching into the "Gimme, gimme!" portion of the conversation. Also, try using the search function in the right sidebar.)

About a year ago I discussed good lesbian science fiction novels at length--in a blog post titled, oddly enough, Good lesbian science fiction novels. Read it, especially the comments. Of the books mentioned, I suspect you might enjoy both Santa Olivia and The Chronicles of Tornor. Then there's Kelley's Solitaire and my own Ammonite. Once you've tried those I suggest using the various volumes of Heiresses of Russ as a way to find authors to your taste.

Have fun. And next time do consider giving before asking.
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