Friday, February 7, 2014

When the hell is Volume Two coming?

From: Sara Finegan

I keep heading over to your blog to find out if you've already answered my question but it's difficult to navigate in that there are round-ups galore sort of clogging it up. The cat pictures are great and very entertaining to my Siamese, who actually feel as strongly as I do that you should just get with the program and produce Volume Two right now, this very minute, and why the hell is it taking so long because really, we've re-read Hild 3 times now and we do not have a lot of patience.

Which leads me to the question: When the hell is Volume Two coming and why the hell is it taking so long, because I've read Hild 3 times now and look, I always keep one Harry Potter book half-read because I don't really want to leave Hogwarts and with only one Hild volume available it will become slightly difficult to remain partially immersed, and now I can only hop between Hogwarts and Muggle world when I SHOULD be able to bop between Hogwarts, Muggle world, and Anglo Saxon Britain.

We all appreciate that you get to get married and that your agent wants you doing interviews and book tour things but let us be frank (and when I say "we", of course, I'm really referring to ME and the Siamese) there are things more important than you getting married and interviews and book tours, and #1 on that list is providing us with more access to Hild World and the rest of, or another part of, her story. When you think about it, what else could be even close to as important? Nothing that WE can think of.

By now you've wasted an incredible amount of good writing time reading this email so just give me a due date and go WRITE, damnit!

I want HILD II to be done, too. It isn't. But as you're a ranter after my own heart, here's a snippet of info.

On my immediate horizon there are three things that will get in the way of writing: travel, teaching, more travel. And I'm not even counting the unexpected. Bottom line: HILD II won't be out any time soon.

Speaking of travelling I'll be away from my desk for a couple of weeks. Don't be alarmed by the eerie silence. But perhaps when I get back there will be News...
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