Monday, January 6, 2014

To come in 2014

The last six months of 2013 were absolutely insane. I was working seven days a week, practically around the clock. This year I'm hoping to loll about a bit more. Expect lots of photos of the park and perbs, birds and cats--at least when I'm not wandering in the seventh century with Hild.

However, best-laid plans, etc. I suspect things might not turn out as predicted. For one thing, I might be travelling a bit. I want to go the UK. I'd love to reschedule the trips I had to cancel--to Chicago, and Madison, and Gary--and to perhaps squeeze in Washington DC, New York, Atlanta, and St. Louis. We'll see.

In terms of Hild, I have a couple of interviews still to come: written, in the Paris Review Daily and a new queer glossy, and video for Well Read and Author Magazine.

Next week (Tuesday 1/14, at 7 pm) I'm reading (with Kelley and Janet Freeman-Daily) at a pub in Kirkland. It's a SFWA-sponsored event, and there's beer! Also, I'll be reading not only from Hild but a brand-new short story.

Which reminds me, I have a story coming out (in June, I think) edited by Ellen Datlow for It's called "Cold Wind." It's set in the here-and-now with a definite historical slant and, y'know, some creepy stuff. I'll talk more about that closer to the time. Meanwhile, here's the art:

by Sam Wolfe Connelly

And speaking of art, I hope to finally show you the collaborative mystery project I've been working on with collagist and print-maker Vicki Platts-Brown. (She made Petalville, and my ammonite prints.)

In terms of teaching, I've been asked to do several things this year but am mostly saying no--except to Clarion West. I've agreed to teach a one-day workshop in mid-April. More details on that later. But if you're interested in the secret of immersive fiction, this might be the thing for you.

One thing I can bet on: 2014 will be a rollercoaster ride. But while we're waiting for the year to build steam, I'll answer a representative sample of AN questions which have collected in drifts and piles in my inbox. Stay tuned.
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