Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reading: Kirkland, Tuesday 1/14 at 7 pm

I'm doing a SFWA reading on Tuesday, 14 January, 7 pm, at the Wilde Rover pub in Kirkland. I've never been but the menu looks like damn good Irish pub food. And I don't doubt they'll have Guinness.

There will be three of us reading: me, Kelley (who has some crackjack stuff to share) and Janet Freeman-Daily (I haven't read her stuff but I know her; she'll have something fabulous to read). I'll be reading from Hild, and from a brand-new short story--the audience will be the very first people to get a taste of that.

This is as much as community event as a performance. Come early. A bunch o' people, including us, will be showing up around 5:30; I'll be the one surrounded by empty pint glasses and the remains of fish and chips, and beaming...

The evening runs on a strict timetable. We start promptly at 7 pm (so come early if you want to chat). The readers will be introduced briefly by Brenda Cooper. Then Readers 1 & 2 perform their carefully-timed pieces (we've been threatened with the hook if we overstep our 20-minute slot--which I never do; it's the height of rudeness) followed by a brief break (it's a pub; at this point you'll no doubt need more beer). Followed by Reader #3. Followed by a joint Q and A. Followed by signing (bring your own or buy from the great people of the University Book Store). Then out--because music and sometimes Trivia Night kick in around 9 pm so it's best to be gone by then. So we will be.

SFWA asks that you RSVP to give them a notion of numbers. It's not vital, just a kindness, so if you forget come anyway. Hey, it's free. And there'll be beer. What else could you possibly need?

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