Thursday, January 23, 2014

Narrator choice for Hild

From: Colleen

Just a note to tell you I've just purchased Hild at the site.  

Yes, I prefer to have an actual book in my hands when I read but I must drive about hither thither and yon all over creation  for work and I've found that the traffic and knob head drivers are ever so much easier to tune out when I'm  immersed  in another world. Also, I have the worst migraines and it is hard to forgo the reading even when I cannot see properly. So, audiobooks are my mana these days.   

At any rate, I want to thank you for using an English reader for your audiobook. I am an American (who grew up in Kenya - long story) but I cannot abide historical tales read aloud in American voices. Is it me? Shhh, don't tell the others.

I hope that you will eventually be back to San Francisco with your lovely wife, for some readings etc.  

I wish you only the best of health this coming year.
I asked for a woman with a British accent and was very glad they agreed. It's a bonus that the narrator, Pearl Hewitt, and I are Northern lasses. All the feedback I've had so far is that listeners like it, so I'm happy.

As for health this year, ha! I went down with a vile cold (or upper respiratory tract infection, depending on which sounds the most deadly) on New Year's Day and it seemed to take an age to go away. But it did pass, eventually. That's the lovely thing about most viruses; if they don't kill you they go away.

I'd love to get to the Bay Area. We just have no idea of our schedule right now. There might be overseas travel for both of us; there might not. Everything's kind of up in the air right now.

Enjoy Hild. And do let me know what you think of the narration.



  1. I too have the Audible version- I already read the book, but this is for weeding and housework:)- and am thoroughly enjoying it. I can't even imagine it in an American accent- and the narrator seems, at least to me, to get all the "difficult" words nailed. gesith (sp?) etc. Either they got a brilliant coach or she already has experience/learning in other old languages? Whatever, very satisfying. Another comment on spoken books- One hears/ absorbs them differently. I reread Kim about every 3 years, and then I listened to it, and got yet another layer, another feel of it. The two modes of internalization ? are just different. There we are back to Beowulf, eh?
    Please be well, an know we love this story. Waiting breathlessly for more.

    1. I no longer weed, do housework, or drive, so I haven't listened to an audiobook for years. So I admit I haven't listened to the whole of Hild, but I liked the first chapter. PH did, in fact, nail everything. She's worked hard to get it just right!

      But in general I find the information delivery too slow--the information density is all wrong for me. Reading is much, much faster. But I hear what you say about it being different. Yes. Especially when mediated by another's interpretation.

  2. Very interesting that you find it slow. It is of course. That is why my brain picks up different information. When reading I will tend to fly over sentences at time, even miss important little details. Harder to miss in the hearing mode. They are truly 2 different experiences. Some books are dreadful read aloud. Some are enriched by it.
    I love S.M. Stirllings -Dies the Fire- books, but the reader was NEVER told how to pronounce Irish, and it is Horrible to hear, absolutely painful. Distracting too. So all in all, Hild is in good hands and coming through great.