Saturday, December 14, 2013

San Francisco is cancelled

I won't be at Writers With Drinks after all. Like my mini-tour of the midwest, I've had to cancel.

For the first time in years I'm having an MS exacerbation. Why? No idea. It could be a recent swap in medication. It could be the relentless workload. It could be just that, well, I have MS and it tends to act in mysterious ways.

This has taken me off guard. (In fact I feel quite affronted by the timing, mutter mutter.) I'm no longer cancelling absolutely everything the way I was a couple of weeks ago--I did a local reading earlier in the week that went pretty well, and a video interview a couple of days ago--but it's clear that getting on a plane at the moment is a stupid idea.

So Kelley and I will not be travelling to San Francisco this year after all. For those whose plans I've messed with, I apologise.

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