Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tiny Tim: Prisoner of Love

Until I started playing ukulele I'd never heard of Tiny Tim. I was surprisingly okay with that. But now I've discovered that Kelley's stepfather, Art Woodbury, played with him on a Russ Columbo tribute album. Proof above.

Of course, I'd never heard of Russ Columbo, either. Having listened to the first couple of tracks I find I'm pretty much okay with that, too. (The band, of course, are fine. Art's played with just about everybody. Tiny Tim, though, is an acquired taste that I failed to acquire.) But, hey, listen for yourself.

Then, as a palate cleanser, go watch the video of another of Art's played-with-them-once musician friends, Blue Cheer, the first speed metal hair band.
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