Monday, March 25, 2013

Marriage equality hearings at the Supreme Court

Tomorrow the Supreme Court hears arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the Proposition 8 case regarding the legality of same-sex marriage in California. On Wednesday it's United States v. Windsor, which is all about the federal Defense of Marriage Act and federal benefits (social security, immigration for legally married couples. Unusually, SCOTUS will be releasing same-day audio of both marriage equality cases. Tomorrow's will be up by 1 pm, Wednesday's by 2 pm.

These recordings of the arguments won't tell us what the court will decide; we have to wait until late June for that. But I'm going to listen to arguments anyway.

Right now I'm betting that the court will overturn Section 3 of DOMA by at least 6-3 and that federal benefits will then apply to legally-married same-sex couples.

It's the Proposition 8 case that's wide open. There are at least five different ways that case could go. Listening to the arguments might help me make some guesses about how wide or narrow SCOTUS's ruling might be. Exciting times ahead.

Bonus: According the forecast it's going to be sunny and in the low 60s all week here in Seattle. I envisage time this afternoon sitting in the sun, drinking tea, eating chocolate, and either playing the ukulele (the strings are beginning to settle down) or reading Patrick O'Brian (I made the mistake of looking at the first one the other day for a recent blog post and got snared, again; I'm now on Book Five, Desolation Island).

Extra bonus: these flowers arrived yesterday from an ecstatic Sterling Editing client. (Kelley's client, not mine, I hasten to add.) It's all very gratifying.

my office yesterday afternoon, the lawn this morning, flowers
So, hey, life is good. I hope things are going equally well for you, wherever you are.
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