Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The business of writing: a one-day workshop December 2

Publishing is in the throes of huge change and it's hard to keep up with the choices available for writers--of any level and genre. Should we go with a lithe, adaptable independent publisher? Should we stick with a Big Five beast (which, as recently as last month, was the Big Six--which should tell you something about the speed of change)? Should we go with the new 800 lb gorilla, Amazon? Should we self-publish? If we do self-publish, should we consider crowd-funding?

Clarion West will hold a one-day workshop in Seattle on Sunday, December 2, on The Business of Writing. If I had the time (I'm in the thick of Hild revisions, so sadly I don't), this workshop is something I'd consider myself.

Amazon Publishing is one of the industry's disruptive forces (with all the positive and negatives associated with the phrase). This is your chance to talk to some of the people who are making decisions there--editors, publishers, and one of their bestselling authors. As Kelley points out, "Every writer needs to understand the business, not just the craft. We’re all responsible for our own careers, and today writers have more options than ever before. It’s an exciting, challenging, and potentially confusing landscape... Hear about the business from folks who are in it daily; get your questions answered; and come away with the big picture of the possibilities for all of us in the new publishing frontier."

If you're in or near Seattle early next month, seriously, think about this. Info below.

Workshop description:

This nuts-and-bolts workshop will provide emerging writers useful tips on how to make a living writing popular fiction. Editors and publishers from Amazon Publishing will share a behind-the-scenes perspective on publishing today, and bestselling author Robert Ferrigno will pass on skills and insights coming from his twenty years of professional experience. Topics covered include research techniques, time management, storyboarding and outlining, marketing, and learning from feedback.

Robert Ferrigno has written twelve best-selling thrillers, including The Horse Latitudes and Heartbreaker. His work has been nominated for the Edgar and the Silver Dagger. He thinks good writing, regardless of genre, is clear, resonant, and packs an emotional punch.

Cost is a nonrefundable fee of $140.

Registration is limited to 12 students

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