Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Science fiction awards database

Oooh, look at this: the Science Fiction Awards Database, put together by Mark Kelly for the Locus Foundation. (Thanks to Cheryl Morgan for the link. And Kelly, of course, for compiling all the stats: very, very nifty.)

Being more than only human, I went to look at my own page--and was delighted to discover that my novelette, "It Takes Two," took second place for the 2010 Locus Award. Who knew? (Well, obviously lots of people. The writer is always the last to know...)

There's something very gratifying about seeing a list of awards like that. If only I could persuade some kind person to create a list that includes all my non-sf awards... Oh, wait, it's called an Artist's Resume and I built one of those earlier this year. Then spent the next week swinging like an emotional pendulum from godlike to unclean. As a result, I've come to the conclusion that it's really not healthy to chortle and croon over one's outside validation. I think Martha Graham was right: It's not an artist's job to decide how good her work is, nor how valuable to others; an artist's job is to keep the channel open.

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