Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recently arrived

I'm looking forward to this one. From the recent Wall Street Journal review:
Esther Murphy, Mercedes de Acosta and Madge Garland were singular women who came of age between the wars and who have fallen through the cracks of history. They moved in overlapping social circles in New York, London and Paris, powerfully influencing those circles yet never building bodies of work that would endure after they died.
The fact that these women, all fundamentally lesbian, knew one another and sometimes romanced one another places them in a milieu of personal and sexual freedom that, while mostly under-the-radar, was progressive for its time. In provocative and beautifully paced prose, Ms. Cohen writes that "juxtaposing [these] lives was a way to illuminate work that has not been recognized as such: in Murphy's case, prolific conversation; in de Acosta's, the fervent, often shameful acts and feelings associated with being a fan and collector; in Garland's, a career in the ephemeral, often trivialized world of fashion."
Anyone read it?
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