Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some blog stats

It's been a while since I gave you a peek behind the curtain. So here are some relatively arbitrary statistics about this month's traffic:

  • In the last thirty days 23,096 people have passed through here. This is a significant increase (a little over 50%) over the monthly average.
  • 27% of you are Mac users. Another 7% of you visited via your mobile device.
  • Unsurpringly, the top two countries are the US and the UK, followed by Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands...and then things get uncertain because at this point Google Analytics starts to disagree with the built in Blogger stats, so it could be Russia, Belgium, and India (Blogger), or Belgium, Serbia, and New Zealand (GA).
  • The French read the most pages per visit.
  • Chrome has now outpaced Safari as your browser of choice--though both still lag behind Firefox (number 1) and (oh dear god, people, please stop using it) Internet Explorer (number 2).
  • New visitors this month outpaced old by a wider margin than usual: 63.58% to 36.42%. (Long term, those numbers are much more evenly matched: 53.46% to 46.54%.)

Most of this can be explained by my posts on the new framework for understanding MS as a metabolic disorder. I don't normally give much space to MS on this blog (it takes up enough room in my life without it invading this space, too), but this was a special case. It triggered a fresh influx of readers, particularly from Europe. Some are sticking around, but most are going away when they discover I tend to talk more about writing than health.

So, there you go. At some point I'll ask you questions about what you like best/least about this blog, but not today. Today I go look at the pitiful excuse for snow the sky is attempting to drop on us and contemplate the next phase of Hild

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