Thursday, January 19, 2012


It started snowing in earnest first thing Tuesday morning:

It stopped yesterday, but everything stayed frozen. Today it's a little warmer, but it's snowing again:

Today I'd planned on a massage, but no one is getting in or out of this cul-de-sac unless it warms up and the snow turns to rain.

But being marooned isn't unbearable. Yet. I've watched an episode of Justified, two each of Entourage and Antiques Roadshow, one each of Castle and Downton Abbey, and every extra, teaser, snippet and trailer I can find for the upcoming Season Two of Game of Thrones. Favourites of the televisuals? Justified and Downton Abbey.

I've caught up on the Economist (two whole issues--sadly with less interesting science/technology and books/arts section than usual) and a few blogs. I've read Stella Duffy's Theodora (I can't make up my mind whether it needs a sequel), and just begun Bernard Cornwell's latest, Death of Kings, which promises to be up to his usual satisfying and happily violent standard.

I've also eaten double my bodyweight in meals and snacks. For example, breakfast this morning was an omelette/egg torta: eggs and leftover roasted vegetables from last night: cauliflower, brussel spouts, onion, smidgeon of carrot. It makes a surprisingly robust flan-like thing that's wholly good for a person. Exceedingly tasty, very filling. (Yesterday's breakfast was good in a different way: big chunk of cod and a sadly-slanted 'half' a grapefruit--colourful but lopsided.) My latest mania, snack-wise, is very fresh macadamia nuts lightly roasted. I swear they taste just like shortbread biscuits. Splendid little things.

You'd think this weather would be perfect to settle down and get some work done. It's not working out that way. I keep finding myself staring out of the window, longing to get out. My restlessness is rising like a tide.

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