Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Writer's manifesto

When I write, dear reader, I don't want to build a careful tale for you to discuss with a smile in a sunny place, I want to own you. I don't want to be The New TV Series, I want to be pornography: to thrill you so hard you're ashamed but can't help yourself crawling back for more.

I want to write a whole novel that invades you. I want to control what you think and feel, to put you right there, right then, killing and being killed, fucking and being fucked, cooking and starving, drinking and thinking, barely surviving and absolutely thriving. I want to give you a life you've never had and change the one you live.

How? I will take control of your mirror neurons. I will give you tastes and textures, torments and terrain you might never find in your real life. I will take you, sweep you off your feet, own you. For a while. For a while when you're lost in my book you will be somewhere else, somewhen else, someone else.

I control the horizontal, I control the vertical. Sit back, relax, enjoy. When you're done, take a breath, smoke a cigarette, figure out who you are now, and come back for more.



  1. Eureka! you know how I adore this manifesto and even pilfered it (with permission) for my own site. In my humble opinion, you can post this weekly as a reminder of how hard we have to work, as writers, to achieve our goals.
    And you have done it...more than once. Kudos.

    jeanne ...the endeavorer

  2. jeanne, I'm happy to let it be, now it has it's own URL.

  3. still haven't figured out a better word than "pornography," I see. ;D

  4. Dianne, I went back and forth but decided 'pornography' is the right word. It doesn't label or insult a group of people. It might trigger back memories or associations for some people, but it's not an insult aimed at a subset of people.