Saturday, December 17, 2011

Facebook Timeline

Facebook is bringing Timeline online next week. I decided to get ahead of the curve and do mine now. I haven't spent much time on it. But I imagine I could: curating, fussing, sharpening, adding. I can see how for many people this could be a very useful feature, a way to bring together their online lives in one place.

But I prefer using tools over which I have long-term control. (This blog. My website.) I would hate to spend a hundred hours fixing everything in this walled garden, getting it just right, and for the FB powers-that-be to decide, Eh, bored now, and put in place yet another design. My work would be wasted.

But I spent an hour yesterday fiddling. Go take a look. Go look at your own Timeline. (GalleyCat has some basic How-To tips.) Make sure to pay attention to the privacy issues like downloadable email addresses and so forth. And don't waste too much time...

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