Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Anglo-Saxon Twitter button

Yesterday, via Laura Miller on Twitter, I came across the new Mysterious Press website, and their clever Twitter and Facebook buttons:

I was overwhelmed by icon envy. So I made a button of my own, in honour of my just-finished novel about Hild of Whitby. I wanted it to look like something from Sutton Hoo or the Staffordshire Hoard: hammered out of gold wire and blue glass and cut garnets. I allowed myself forty minutes:

I blurred it a bit, so if you squinted (and maybe hung upside down from a hook wearing a bag over your head) you could pretend it looks like a real thing taken with crapcam through a museum glass display case. The clumsy look is deliberate, though: the handmade style of seventh-century jewellery.

I forsee much happy time wasting ahead: Facebook, Blogger, RSS, Google+...

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