Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabulous LGBT books: the Green Carnation longlist

The Green Carnation Prize 2011 longlist has just been announced (hat tip to Cheryl Morgan). It's a delicious-looking set of queer books:

  • By Nightfall – Michael Cunningham (Fourth Estate)
  • The Strange Case of the Composer and his Judge – Patricia Duncker (Bloomsbury)
  • The Proof of Love – Catherine Hall (Portobello)
  • Red Dust Road – Jackie Kay (Picador)
  • The Retribution – Val McDermid (Little Brown)
  • Purge – Sofi Oksanen (Atlantic Books)
  • There But for The… – Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton)
  • Remembrance of Things I Forgot – Bob Smith (Terrace Books)
  • Ever Fallen in Love – Zoe Strachan (Sandstone Press)
  • The Empty Family – Colm Toibin (Penguin Books)
  • Role Models – John Waters (Beautiful Books)
  • Before I Go To Sleep – S.J Watson (Doubleday)
  • Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal? – Jeanette Winterson (Jonathan Cape)

Several of these names caught my eye--particularly Patricia Duncker. She was the academic I found so interesting on the BBC Radio 4 documentary, Cat Women of the Moon. I had no idea she wrote fiction. I'll be taking a look at that one. And, oh, so many people whose work I admire: Val McDermid, Ali Smith, Jackie Kay. Catherine Hall is new to me, but her book sounds intriguing. Zoe Strachan is also new to me. (But why is it so many women on prize lists write about men?)

S.J. Watson's novel, Before I Go To Sleep, sounds special. I think I'll go download that one right now...

The shortlist will be announced on November 2nd, the winner on December 7th. Meanwhile, dear reader, we can't lose. Excellent job, judges.

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