Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cat Women of the Moon

No, I'm not referring to the, ah, classic 1953 movie starring Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory and Marie Windsor, but to a BBC Radio 4 documentary: a two-parter looking at how science fiction literature has been used to explore gender. I did an interview for it last month. Many much more fabulous people--e.g. Margaret Atwood and Ursula K Le Guin--were also interviewed. I think the final programmes will be exceedingly cool.

I just got the air dates, so mark your calendars: Tuesday, August 30th and Tuesday, September 6th, both at 11:30 a.m. UK time (6:30 EST, 3:30 PST). If the BBC follows its usual pattern, both programmes should stream on the BBC's iPlayer for a week or so after initial air date.

I'll remind you closer to the time.

I might also write a little something and post it here to accompany the broadcast. I'd done a lot of thinking before the interview, but of course, given the time constraints, didn't get to say most of it. It seems a pity to waste all the Deep Thoughts. Besides, I'm always much more coherent in print form. I had lot of fun pondering the notion of gender and f/sf in historical/British terms and came up with some nifty theories (some possibly outrageous--because poking hives with sticks is, y'know, fun.) But on the actual day, due to ingestion of copious painkillers and lack of sleep (see this post for why), I'm not convinced I acquitted myself adequately. (Satellite radio is surreal--a combination of sensory deprivation, and interrogation. Very definitely unnatural.) I have a private bet about the what soundbite of mine they'll use. It's something that came near the end when I was musing aloud. (Note to self: never muse aloud when the mic is live and tape is running...)

Watch this space.

[ETA: thanks to Cheryl Morgan, I've just seen the press release. Names mentioned: Iain Banks, China MiƩville, and me. The producer, Nicola Swords, told me she might pull quotes from Le Guin and Atwood from previous interviews. As usual, I won't know until I hear it. Radio interviews--all interviews--are an exercise in faith.]

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