Monday, August 29, 2011

Alisha Baker prints for sale

Alisha Baker, We Dance the World Into and Out of Creation, relief print on paper
hand-painted frame acrylic on wood, 14″x17″ $215. Unframed print,
signed & numbered edition of 50: $65
Purchase info

We went to Alisha Baker's art show last week. There's some lovely stuff. I had three favourites. Go take a look (and guess which ones I liked). If you like something, buy it. Or buy a print. Artists, like writers, need to eat.

Also, if you follow the link trail you'll find a photo of me and Kelley with Alisha on opening night. And Alisha's mum and grandmother. It's an amazing thing to meet an artist's family and get a sense of where she, as a person and an artist, really comes from. I'm now trying to imagine meeting some of my long-time-favourite writers--Rosemary Sutcliffe, Mary Renault, Patrick O'Brian, J.R.R. Tolkien--and their families. What insight that might have given me into their work. Or extreme bafflement...

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