Friday, July 22, 2011

Twelve hours

I've had an interesting twelve hours. A late dinner with Charlie Stross, followed by breakfast with Malcolm Edwards. I last saw them (in different months, in different cities) in 1993. So the last twelve hours have been old home week. Much discussion of 21st century science fiction, teaching, and the publishing landscape and its changing clothes/design/portals. Enormous fun. One of those small world moments--exacerbated by Kelley bumping into one of my web and business-editing clients in the coffee shop opposite the hotel where I was having breakfast, a client whose friend we're having caviar and Champagne with tonight.

Now I'm about to spend a few hours with my "ambitious, badass historical fiction about the 7th century character Hild of Whitby."

All that and the sun is shining. Doesn't get much better. It's a lovely day.

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