Friday, June 24, 2011

Money matters

Over at Sterling Editing we have our usual roundup of links of interest to emerging writers. I was struck by the Behler Blog post, "It's not about the money,"

I think it’s an established fact that we get into this amazing writing thing because we’re compelled to – that there is some burning force inside our souls urging us to put our thoughts to paper. Secondly, publishing isn’t a place where many get fabulously rich and can afford to make writing their sole occupation. Most writers still need their day jobs. That said, does it mean that authors shouldn’t be paid?

Writing is a verb and a noun (gerund). It's process and product. The 'product' part means 'intended for sale.' Sales involve money. There's no getting around it. I've made my living from writing, on and off, for nearly twenty years. I can't afford to not keep my eye on the money. Which means paying attention to business: advances; royalties; changing technologies; changing deal structures; changing role of agents; foreign rights; reprints; special editions; speaking fees; teaching fees...

Money keeps food on the table, beer in the fridge, and a roof over my head. Money from sales of the product is what enables the process. Money matters.

And speaking of money, Kelley is getting very, very close to that $2,000 sponsorship goal for her Clarion West Write-a-Thon. And you know what happens when she hits that mark? Naked writing!

So go read her latest piece:

The man who walks the cliff’s edge is dreaming wide awake. Below him, the sea spreads to the edge of the world, from which it brings no news; only salty secret whispers to the sand, whroom, whroom, a full-body lick to the rocks, ohhhhhh. Sometimes when the man is on the beach, the sea leaves debris at his feet like a hunting cat lays down the rabbit’s carcass in a cave where hungry kittens tumble and play. Sometimes when the man is in the water, he and the sea are kittens together. Sometimes they play rough. [more]

And go sponsor her. (Need more convincing? Read all the other pieces here.)

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