Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Go vote for best f/sf novels eva at NPR

In case you haven't heard, NPR is soliciting votes for the 100 best F/SF novels of all time. This would be a great opportunity to fulfill your Russ Pledge and go talk about all those books by women you've enjoyed. Leave your comments for NPR here.

For those who like counting things, it might be an interesting exercise to take a look at how many times books by men are mentioned and how many times those by women. (I hardly have time to turn around this week, so sadly must decline the honour, but I'd be very happy to publicise the fruits of others' labour.)

Also, Kelley's latest piece of Clarion West Write-a-Thon fabulousness is up:

“What did you do before?” the soldier said.

“I was an administrative assistant,” Mary said.

“Camp librarian,” he said. “Military and community. Liase with the teachers and commander’s personal admin. Next.”

“Wait…. you have books?”

He gave her an Are you stupid? look. She flinched. Of course there were no books. Shakespeare was the extra lining in your clothes that kept you warm. Romance novels lit your cookfires. Jane Austen wiped the diarrhea from your child’s bottoms. And the pages of all those self-help books made great stuffing for the chinks in a drafty barracks. [more]

You still have more than five weeks to sponsor Kelley and get her to write a little something for you. She's scarily good. (Read all her entries so far here.)

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