Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SF = al-Qaida = 7th Century = bloody strange

Read here an article in the Guardian about al-Qaida and science fiction:

It has become synonymous with the terrorist attacks of September 11 - but what is the origin of the name al-Qaida? Giles Foden on how Bin Laden may have been inspired by Isaac Asimov's Foundation...

Follow with this lovely smooth chaser from Cheryl Morgan about the science fiction threat:

An emergency police operation today resulted in the detention of many of the leaders of a shadowy, underground organization known as science fiction fandom. The arrests were made under the Prevention of Terrorism Act...

Then ponder Michelle of Heavenfield's ruminations on how proving one's enemy is dead has changed (not) since the 7th century:

It strikes me this evening that proving your mortal enemy dead is incredibly important. The proof has evolved over time. For the seventh century kings that this blog is mostly concerned with, that proof was literally the taking of a head. Kings Edwin and Oswald were both beheaded, presumably after death in battle, and carried off to show the supporters of their enemy...

Clearly, the world is getting damned odd. I need a break. Luckily, that's just what I'm doing this week. Starting now. I'll be off the grid until Thursday. Have fun. Build some good conspiracies!

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