Friday, March 4, 2011

Two things that made me laugh out loud this week

Lots of things make me laugh: slapstick humour, sly witticisms, people being exactly themselves, sudden joy, and sheer pleasure. (FYI, being tickled doesn't make me laugh, it gives me the urge to punch you in the mouth. Just to be clear.)

Today I want to tell you about two things of the many things that made me laugh out loud this week. The first was delivery of a lovely vintage bottle of Armagnac (Larressingle X.O. if you must know). The Armagnac itself, of course, is delicious enough to make anyone grin, but it was the box it came in, more particularly the FedEx stickers, that really struck me as absurd.

I've seen these stickers many times before, but for some reason the sheer absurdity of the thing really struck me this time. Note to FedEx: it's alcohol. The point is some level of intoxication. Also, I was reeling with vertigo when I took delivery. The whole thing just made me chortle.

The second thing was a gift, wholly unexpected. And anonymous (though it didn't take more than a minute to work out who sent it). It was the beginning of a screenplay called The Blue Place. I was utterly delighted to see someone else's vision of Aud as a screen character. I haven't read more than a couple of pages yet (see vertigo, above) but I know it will be enormous fun and it's already warmed the cockles of my heart that someone took the time and care to do that.

So today I'm feeling so lucky I can hardly stand it. Except, of course, somehow, womanfully, I do...

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