Thursday, March 31, 2011

Market your book with QR code

QR (quick read) code is 2-D code that you scan with a QR reader app on your smartphone, which then takes you automatically to more info: a website, calendar, text, music, photos, timetable, PDF--almost anything. The app is free. (I use QR Reader on an iTouch) And it's easy: download the app, point your device's camera at the nifty graphic, and get whisked to the Land of More.

If you have a book about to hit the shelves (physical or virtual), why not plaster everything within reach with a variety of these codes? You can make then almost any size. (I've gone large because, hey, why not?)

For example, here's this, which takes you to a buy link for my novel, The Blue Place:

This one takes you to an mp3 of me reading the beginning of the same book:

And this one will go to some quotes about the book's main character, Aud Torvingen. (Perhaps at some point I'll find a generator that allows more text; that last quote is from The Advocate).

To generate QR code for free, use this (or something similar; I'm sure there are many). It's really easy, and the code graphic comes in several sizes, which you can then expand or shrink. Use a tiny one for your business card. A huge one on a t-shirt. Put them on ticket stubs, posters, print ads, letterhead, receipts, a mug, the side of your car, stickers on the back of a bathroom door--along with whatever text or images you think might intrigue potential readers.

What are you waiting for?

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