Saturday, March 26, 2011

Look! Real blossom! Growing things!

The other day, when I said The alders are doing that feathery thing, a couple of people asked what I meant. I mean this:

The leaves won't be out for a while.

Meanwhile, in the ravine everything has sprouted. Sadly, my camera was so overcome by the shock of actual sunshine that it freaked out. Hence the practically useless pic below, which I'm including anyway because it's, y'know, pink:

While we were away, our fence was completed. Here's a bit of it:

I miss the lilac and most of the curly willow, the huge hedge with the fabulous vines twined in it, but, eh, a fence is better than looking into the neighbour's bathroom at night. (Trust me on this.) And soon we'll train some nifty native vines to climb all over everything and flower.

And finally here's the gratutitous perb shot: I think (I hope) the thyme is about to burst forth. The chives are already going wild and crazy (and taste fabulous--I don't think I'll ever eat eggs again without chives).

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