Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kiss my ring

This morning I talked about a podcast I listened to yesterday. I've just remembered something else that came up: writers don't have much control in Big Publishing.

Which make me think of the Oscars. And makes me mad. Aaron Sorkin, winner for Best Adapted Screenplay, got played off the stage. None of the actors did. Nor the director. And three producers got to talk about their Best Picture win. Three. Of the above-the-line talent, only writers get drowned out and thrown off.

Writers get no respect. You want another example? Only one (1) of the actors thanked their writer. One. (Go Colin.)

So, I am pissed. Hollywood: your movies wouldn't exist without writers. Publishers: your books spring from our imagination. Writers: It all begins with us. They need us. They should kiss our fucking rings. Every day. Without us they are nothing. Without us they couldn't even get started. So stand up straight. Take up space. Don't be cowed.

That's all.

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