Saturday, March 12, 2011

8 lesbian and bisexual writers you should know

Another list--but I'm actually on this one. From the perspicacious people at

Lists Are Hot: 8 lesbian and bisexual authors you should know

I've always been an avid reader, reading pretty much anything and everything in the fiction category. I prefer good books (well-written, with a good story) above anything else, but of course I appreciate if the novels are more relatable, especially if it involves a queer storyline or the novel is written by a queer author. Here are eight lesbian and bisexual authors you might like to check out.

These are by no means the best, although they are all great writers, but I tried to make a selection based on the kind of novels they write. I'm just a book lover, not an expert, so don't bite my head off if I might have gotten some of the genres wrong. It's just intended to give you a general idea of the sort of novels each author writes.

So, hey, my weekend is off to a good start. Next up: formatting Hild to read on my Kindle.


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