Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's going on in St. Louis, MO?

I finally got around to looking at Author Central today. It turns out that in the week of January 17-23, I sold 26 paper copies of Slow River in St. Louis, MO. That many in one week in one city is Not Usual. (That is, I don't think it is--but, hey, who knows, maybe once I have a year's worth of data I'll find this kind of thing just sorta happens sometimes.) So what's going on? A book club? (Strikes me as the wrong time of year for college reading list purchases.) Anyone want to enlighten me? Meanwhile: cool! I hope you all enjoy it. And thanks to the booksellers who made it happen. (A special shout-out to Left Bank Books, the only bookshop in St. Louis I've ever done a reading/signing at, run by the ever-fab Kris Kleindienst.)

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