Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lambda Literary Writers' Retreat 2011

Last year I taught the fiction workshop at LLF's Emerging Voices writers' retreat. It was a pretty astonishing week. If you're interested in applying for this year's workshop, now's the time. LLF have announced their 2011 faculty:

  • Fiction: Carla Trujillo
  • Genre Fiction: Claire McNab
  • Nonfiction: Ellery Washington
  • Poetry: Eloise Klein Healy

Why is 'genre fiction' separated from 'fiction'? It's a mystery. (No! It's a literary work with wide popular appeal...) Seriously, I don't know. Ask LLF. But, that aside, whichever workshop you fancy, if you're a queer writer, this is the best thing out there. I mean: the best in the world. This year the retreat is at UCLA, and so probably a bit more physically accessible than last year. Also, less of a 'retreat'. (Which I think is a good thing.)

Anyway, it runs August 6 - 13. There are scholarships available. Apply here. Good luck.

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