Friday, January 14, 2011

My life as the tagline to a torrid potboiler

I got a commercial email the other day advertising some epical weretiger (I think) romance novel called The Tiger's Curse. The tagline was, "Would you risk it all for love?" I burst out laughing. Would I? I did.

I left family, friends, home continent, employment, and a national health system to come, without money, with no visa or plan for same, and with an incurable illness, to a foreign land to be with a woman I'd spent less than three months with, total. Everyone who knew me thought I was insane.

But it turned out well. It never occurred to me that it wouldn't.

Coming to the US to be with Kelley didn't feel like a risk, just a simple choice: live or die. As much a no-brainer as breathe/not breathe. But getting that email the other day stopped me in my tracks. It's good to be reminded that my humdrum life isn't humdrum at all, it's exactly what I chose, one that--for some people--might read like the tagline for a torrid potboiler. Y'know what? I'm okay with that :)

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