Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A world torn to pieces

Last night a storm came through that tore the neighbourhood greenery to pieces and flung it all over our deck and driveway. I got woken up several times by howling wind, creaking trees, and lashing rain. It was wild, and, in my dream-addled state, close to apocalyptic.* Many power hits, too. So lots of tedious resetting of things today, and mopping up after small roof leak. (It's never happened before, and seems to have stopped now, so I can only assume it's nothing serious. At some point, of course, we'll have to check.)

Everything is very dark and still today. I think there's more of this to come. Birds and other wildlife are lying low.

I'm going to follow their lead, and stay snug in my office. And, y'know, eat a lot...


* For those of you who aren't novelists: reaching end-stage of a huge project puts me in a strange half-dream even during waking hours. Sleeping hours can get very uncanny indeed.

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