Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google eBooks

Google eBooks debuted yesterday. My books are here. Strangely, I can't find Stay (which is a Knopf Group ebook--Vintage paperback, Nan A. Talese hardcover: all imprints of Random House. But Ammonite and Slow River are Random House books, and available, so it's a bit puzzling). And of course And Now We Are Going to Have a Party isn't there, nor With Her Body, because I own those digital rights and I just haven't got around to figuring out formats and so on. Yet.

Amazon is, apparently, about to get in on the cloud-based book experience, too. This could get interesting.

But, hey, back to me :) There are so many things on my plate to figure out once I free up imaginative bandwidth by finishing the first draft of Hild. In no particular order:

  • redesign of my website
  • putting together my short story collection
  • publishing ANWAGTHAP in trade
  • screenplay for The Blue Place
  • screenplay for my secret project
  • a collection of essays
  • writing my sword-swangin' fantasy
  • putting together an online creative writing class
  • writing my blockbuster commercial alternate history novel set in biblical times

Plus two other Secret Projects, which are not entirely writing related. And, of course, rewriting the first draft of Hild, then writing the first draft of Hild II and III. In addition, that is, to building other people's websites and Sterling Editing.

Clearly, it won't all be possible. Something/s will drop off the table. I just don't know what. Yet. But I do know I won't be bored.

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