Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We did it! Thank you!

The Lambda Literary Foundation has reached its goal--two weeks early--to raise $10,000 for the Chuck Forester Challenge Grant. More than half the donations came from new donors--which means readers like you. In fact, in just four weeks you sent a total of $13,000, which means LLF now has $23,000 more than it had a month ago. This is just brilliant. It means the website (which is visited, on average, by three or four thousand people a day) will stay up. It means the Lambda Literary Awards will stay glittery and fabulous. It means planning can begin on the next Emerging Voices retreat.

So, once again, a really big Thank You. Queer books save queer lives. With your generosity, LLF can keep bringing together all parts of the queer literary ecosystem as a community. LLF is helping to creating critical mass. Critical mass is what moves the cultural needle. Your generosity means that, between us, we really are changing the world.

And if that should, y'know, go to your head and make you want to give more, you can still give money, and time, and expertise. (LLF needs everything from interns, to database geeks, to interviewers, to book reviewers. Go take a look. Have some fun. Get your name in lights: everyone wins.)

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