Saturday, November 20, 2010

English people can't speak American

On this lovely November Saturday, three things for you delectation and delight.

A great review of Kelley's Dangerous Space by Terry Weyna, who loves the way Kelley describes art and how we make it--how, sometimes, we're helpless in the face of the need to make it and share it. "Eskridge can explain the process of creating better than anyone I’ve ever read." She thinks Mars is a boy but otherwise she's spot on. Kelley thinks so too.

Over at Sterling Editing we have lots of nifty links for writers, including a couple of blunt appraisals of I-wouldn't-trust-him-as-far-as-I-could-throw-him James Frey's latest scheme, and a great video of Kurt Vonnegut.

And speaking of video, here (from the Economist's Johnson) are some of the cast of Harry Potter trying to speak American. I feel for them extremely. If ever I want to make Kelley fall down laughing, all I ever have to do is say Turkey Burger. Some words are simply not meant to be shaped by English mouths.

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