Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Always back in paperback, hurrah!

Always is back in town: finally, the trade paperback has been reprinted. Just in time to buy the whole three-book package for the holidays. Buy it from Amazon. Buy it from Seattle Mystery Bookshop. Buy it from the University Bookstore. Just, y'know, buy it.

More, much more--synopsis, first chapter, podcast interviews, readings--here (read the right-hand sidebar). For those who have been living under a rock, here's what smart, good-looking and in every way discerning people have to say about Aud:

Without Aud, it’s hard to see how there could have been a Lisbeth Salander.
--Val McDermid

One scary, gorgeous creature who loses herself in the beauty and balletic control of pure violence. An exceptional woman.
--Village Voice

Delicious... Wildly and exuberantly violent. Enthralling, utterly convincing, unique.
--Publishers Weekly (starred)

Knows how to fight, kill, survive and think... One of my favorite kick-ass, super-competent, coolheaded, hotblooded, semilegal girls.

Sexy and iconic.
--Voice Literary Supplement

White hot, an enigmatic heroine unlike any ever before.
--Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sleek, sexy, and decidedly dangerous.

Aud Torvingen is the avenging angel inside us all. She's fast, frightening, startlingly sexy. I promise you, she'll haunt your days long after you've finished the book.
--Manda Scott

Tough, sexy, and alluring.
--Seattle Weekly

Smart, resourceful, cool as a cucumber
--New York Times Book Review

--Seattle Times

--San Diego Union-Tribune

Supremely capable.

Couldn't be more singular.
--Lambda Book Report

--Seattle P-I

The sexiest action figure since James Bond.
--Seattle Weekly

Plus, come the revolution Aud will be unleashed, and those who can't prove undying loyalty (with, y'know, a book) will be first against the wall and shot. So don't think of this post as shameless self-promotion, think of it as a selfless attempt to save your life.

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