Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wee pictures

I was running a search for something on old Ask Nicola Q&As and came across this partial answer to something, including a link to some wee pictures I drew a long time ago with my nifty new (then) graphics pad.

But do I still draw? Not really. I never really did. [...] Having said that, I did get myself a graphics pad a couple of years ago and tried a kind of automatic drawing exercise where I put the stylus on the pad, drew a line, and then imaged from there would it could be. Here's an animation of some of those pics. One of these fine days I'll get around to doing some more, probably when I take up the guitar again, and the piano, and re-start learning Spanish, and ASL, and...

Enjoy the pictures. (Yes, I do know that the dog and the mouse have faces suspiciously like breasts. What can I say? The artist has hidden depths...or is seriously crap at drawing. Maybe both.) I was fixated on animals because I was contemplating a series of books that I may or may not tackle one of these days. I'd probably have to find a professional illustrator.

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