Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Help save queer lives. Give, and it will be doubled.

If you give $25 or more to the Lambda Literary Foundation right now, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, by Emerging Voices Fiction Fellow Chuck Forester--to a maximum of $10,000.

Give here. PayPal or credit card.

Please don't forget that if you work for a big company, such as Microsoft, your dollar will be doubled by the company and then by Chuck. That's a four-for-one value. (If you work for something like the Gates Foundation, which triples donations, that's, well, damn, it's a big fat lot. Do it!) If you're not out at your company well, hey, this is your opportunity. Yesterday (in the US, today in the UK) was National Coming Out Day. A win all round.

Books save lives. Queer books save queer lives. LLF, as far as I know, is the only foundation of its kind in the world. And, as the website says:

These can feel like scary times for our literature and independent publishers. LGBT bookstores are closing. Book publishing is undergoing a dramatic transformation from print to new digital technologies. Authors and publishers are reinventing the traditional means of reaching their reading audiences.

For over 20 years, the Lambda Literary Foundation has worked to raise the profile of our literature, to cultivate our emerging writers, and to engage the queer literati in these dynamic conversations through forums, readings, articles and spirited discussions throughout our community and on our website,

The $10,000 Chuck Forester Challenge Grant will stretch your dollars in this struggling economy times two to help us expand our capacity and sustain our one-of-a-kind programs:
  • Lambda Literary Awards, since 1989 the most prestigious literary prize in the LGBT community.
  • Writers’ Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices, the first of its kind ever offered to LGBT writers: a one-week intensive immersion in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry and an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the very best writers in the LGBT community.
  • (formerly Lambda Book Report), the web’s premier destination for LGBT book reviews, author interviews, opinion, book news and literary resources, with new content posted every day of the week!
No other national nonprofit does more for gay and lesbian letters than LLF, but we can’t do this work without you…because you love books and literature, you want to read the LGBT experience in fiction, nonfiction and poetry, you believe in the power of the written word and in our ability to make change.
There have been enough queer lives lost recently. Help LLF help save those lives. Just click the big graphic above. Really, it's that simple. And thank you.
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